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Manasakshi foundation International, is an well organization for the welfare of Youths and society to awaken the wisdom and mind power.To spread Yoga, Meditation, Past life therapy and Hypnosis.


Our Mision

Our mision is to spread Love, Peace, Smile and to enlighten the Minds. This organization is dedicated to find empowerment in the present and Hope for the future.


Our Vision

Our Vision is to Awaken the wisdom and power within.

We Work As a Charity/ Social/ Non-profit/ NGO/ Foundarisign Organization.

About Manasakshi Foundation

Manasakshi foundation International is a public, non –religious, social charitable trust. It was founded by Sri Mallikarjun B. K in the year 2010.

Manasakshi foundation International is such a foundation which amalgamates the rich wisdom of eastern philosophy and the dynamic ingredients of the western psychology and management techniques to impart educate and inspire participants to greater heights.

History Of Manasakshi Foundation

Mansakshi foundation is a Non Governmental Organization working for the welfare of Children, Youth & Adult for the Body, Mind & Brain Development training established in the year 2010 and registered in the year 2016 at Belagavi. Mr.MallikarjunB.K is the founder and Chairperson of this trust.

Manasakshi foundation is dedicated to continuously create awareness on YOGA, MEDITATION, BLOOD DONATION, TREE PLANTATION and MANY MORE EVENTS by conducting various programs in school, college and public institution.

Sri Mallikarjun Guruji lives in such simplicity every moment of his life. He also fonder of MANASAKSHI FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL. This gem is from Karnataka University Dharwad and he is a Journalist by qualification and he has also worked for the tv9 and news9 Bangalore. Has per him Nature is best teacher. He search began early and providentially he came in contact with many spiritual sadhus, siddha purush, and swamiji’s (Spiritual Masters). Now far he has gone across all the part of the country addressing to school and college students about Mind and Meditation. Regular he talks in radio and television also. Recently he had been to Egypt also for pyramid Research.

The MANASAKSHI FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL is to mentor future leaders and empower the youth of the world to lead the creation of sub stainable future and foundation encourages young people to engage in creative thinking and problem solving that leads to positive action.

The young generation of our country is the huge power of nation. Hence it is very essential to educate them motivate them in such a way that the power can be utilized for the society and the real sense of the self development.

Our youth today are going through tremendous stress, biological changes, pressure, experiencing generation gap with parents and teachers. So the youth program is unique non-religious workshop which amalgamates the rich wisdom of the philosophy and the dynamic ingredients of the western psychology and mind management techniques to impact and inspires the students to greater heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Manasakshi foundation International is a public, non –religious, social charitable trust. It was founded by Sri Mallikarjun B. K in the year 2010.

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence test is a truly scientific study of the fingerprint patterns. Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) is based on understanding from Neuroscience, Genetics, Dermatoglyphics, Psychology and Embryology.

The induction of a state of consciousness in which a person apparently loses the power of voluntary action and is highly responsive to suggestion or direction. Its use in therapy, typically to recover suppressed memories or to allow modification of behaviour, has been revived but is still controversial.

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About Trainer

Mallikarjun is the founder and chairperson of Manasakshi Foundation International. Basically he is a thinker in the speed of light to be precise. This gem is from karnataka and is basically a Journalist by qualification.

Mallikarjun is the pioneer in Past Life Regression Therapy and is doing research from past 5 years about Body-Mind-Soul. He has personally conducted about 1000 regressions, and more than 100 workshops throughout the globe. Lakhs of people have benefitted through his workshops.

Mallikarjun also conducts unique workshops on mind control and has started changing the lives of people all over. The workshop is titled ‘THE POWER OF SUB CONSCIOUS MIND.’ This is a workshop where mallikarjun personally and practically teaches each attendee, the ways of conquering the mind, self hypnosis and various other life nourishing techniques.

Mallikarjun is associated with International personalities like-Sri Ramachandra Guruji, Sri Brahmarshi Patriji, Sri Maate Mahadevi, Dr. Newton, Dr.Harikumar, Dr.Trupti Jain etc.

Today this powerful young and extremely positive boy is a blend of talent, insight, hard work and sheer determination. Mallikarjun is unique achiever, is a renowned personality who creates a spark of light with his magical words.


Mallikarjun Karajgimath

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